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Pieter Thomassen, Senior Writer, Editor; and
Robert Morgenstern, Senior Web Designer, Writer, Research, Editor

Peter Walker, Senior Editor, Continuity, Contributing Writer - e meritus

Along with
Aubry Thonon, Contributing Writer Tim Wing, Contributing Writer, Artist
Neil Baumgardner, Consultant Jason Smith, Consultant, Contributing Writer, Graphic Artist
Matt Willis, Artist, Consultant Harvey Johnston, Artist, Consultant
Roland Thigpen, Consultant Anand Rao, Fanfic Writer
Chris Meadows, Contributing Writer

Robotech Technical Files:

SDF-1 Fleet with Fighter Escort

Robotech Era Historical Archive:

This reference guide to the Robotech era was produced with help from the following references:

  • Jane's All the Galaxy's Fighting Ships, 2051 edition.
  • Jane's All the Galaxy's Mecha, 2054 edition.
  • Modern Small Arms and Armor, by Anthony Postert, New Monument Press, © 2052.
  • REF Officer's Manual, Military Publication Code 213/OM-46A, publication date, 2046.
  • Declassified REF documents archive, RRG/TS/SCI-TIR/RH/DOC-56372(Biol), Tirolian Infiltration and Termination Agent.
  • Ancient Legacy: A History of Tirol, by Joy Roth, Cambridge University Press, © 2050.
  • The Truth Behind Protoculture, by Peter Walker, North American University Press, © 2049, 2051.

And the gracious assistance of many veterans of the Robotech Wars, especially Captain Jeanette Austin, c.o. UES Henry Gloval; Representative Roger Pike (DRP-London), formerly of the 18th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps of the Southern Cross, and Regent Kharoth of the Invid Solugi Hegemony.

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